Dexivo is seeking investment

A Delaware Corp filed in 2020, Dexivo INC is seeking $ 1.5 Million in funding for 10% equity.

Dexivo, lnc. is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based corporation operating in the big data industry. Data allows companies to evolve their marketing methods through the utilization of Dexivo"s data and data services. Dexivo is leading the way in data acquisition, data sales, big data analytics, and audience profiling.

Our Target Markets

Call Centers

The power of Dexivo data is ideal for any call center. Our extensive taxonomies allow you to customize your data lists and target your customers like never before. Imagine if you knew more about your customers than they expected, how much longer will that keep you conversation going? Long enough to make any sale!

Real Estate

Targeting your audience has never been easier with Dexivo data. Our data includes taxonomies like home purchase date, home value, zip code and so much more! Targeting your ideal customer has never been easier, that way you can focus on buying and selling instead of how to market.

Marketing Agencies

Targeted marketing is proven to yield the best results. Dexivo data will allow you to target your customers in any market. Wow your clients with customized lists and optimize your marketing like never before..

Dexivo CEO

Dexivo’s Strategy

“Dexivo will change the way businesses access and utilize data. We are focused on bringing data to the industries that struggle with quality or access to key insights.”

Michael Smith

CEO, Dexivo

Anything is possible in data with the power of Dexivo.

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