Dexivo allows you to gain insights through data. Our data allows your to research your marketing from multiple perspectives utilizing our technology.


Dexivo analytics goes beyond simple guessing and provide an in-depth understanding. Deep learning provides analysis and analytics that allows your business to make informed decisions through data.


Dexivo was born through technology and data. With Dexivo, you will have access to a variety of tools that will make the analysis of your data simple.

Engage your users and prospects through audience identification.

Dexivo is smart technology utilizing big data. By understanding your audience, our data solutions allow you grow your reach and expand your business potential. There is only one way to grow, and that is through data the Dexivo way.

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Services we can help you with

Dexivo data can do it all. Our services will take your marketing and business to the next level.

Carrier Lookup

Carrier Lookup provides a real time solution based on mobile carrier. Through Carrier Lookup, you can confirm if your customer is using a landline or cell phone and what carrier they are subscribed to.

Gender Appending

Gender Appending allows you to segment your data by gender, to better target your message.

IP Database

Our global IP Database allows you to track your customers IP by storing information based on their activity and location.

Data Verification

Data Verification ensures your data is accurate and up-to-date. Our systems and processes provide you with the most accurate data and information.

Profiling and Modeling

Data Profiling and Modeling allows you to expand your understanding of your data set. By profiling your data, we can establish an audience based on millions of attributes. We can also develop Data Models to explore aspects of your data beyond your current understanding.

Data Hygiene

Data hygiene is essential prior to any marketing campaigns. Removing duplicates and utilizing our Litigator Database allows your data set to perform to the highest potential.

Audience Identification

Develop an audience that engages your marketing communication is essential for growth. Our Data Audience Identification tools will allow you to understand your audience and expand your marketing reach.

Data Visualization

Through systems like PowerBI and with the support of our Data Science team, your data will expand and come to life with analytics unlike ever before. We will provide in depth understanding and complex modeling solutions.

Dexivo Power

Over 240+ Million Records
Over 80+ Million Litigator Records
Over 215+ Million Credit Ratings
Over 400+ Taxonomies


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Anything is possible in data with the power of Dexivo.

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