Who Are We?

Dexivo is a US-based company that started out with a focus on data acquisition and sales. As Dexivo grew, so did our product offering. Big data is at the core of what Dexivo does, which has allowed us to become an expert in the industry. Our team of scientists and experts excel at big data solutions. Dexivo manages data from endless sources with various use cases. Data acquisition to analysis to implementation is all handled by our skilled team. This end-to-end personally tailored service is one of the reasons why companies keep coming back to us. Data is a commodity. You can’t trust everyone with such a responsibility, but you can trust Dexivo.

Our Mission

Data can change how marketing is carried out by allowing companies to perform people-based marketing. However, it can do more than that, and we at Dexivo intend to be there when its full potential is recognized. Utilizing data can lead to better security, a better quality of services, and a generally better experience for all involved.

Dexivo takes data science to the next level. Marketing with big data behind every decision can and will change the world. The only best way to get to understand the person you are marketing to properly is via a collection of broad level data. With the suite of services from Dexivo, that is now possible. At Dexivo, we will allow you to optimize your use of data, to better reach out to your consumers and deliver a message that will attract them.

Anything is possible in data with the power of Dexivo.

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