Dexivo was established with the purpose of data acquisition and data sales. Dexivo's product offerings have expanded as the company has grown. Big data is at the core of what Dexivo does, which has allowed the Company to become an expert in the industry. Dexivo's team of data scientists and experts excel at big data solutions. Dexivo manages data from endless sources with various use cases. Data acquisition, analysis, and implementation is accomplished by the Company's expert team of data scientists, developers, and skilled leaders.

Target Market

  • CRM/SAAS Platforms
  • Affiliates
  • 3rd Party Sellers
  • Political Campaigns
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Call Centers
  • Marketing Agencies (Paid Media Buyers)
  • eCommerce (Shopify Stores, FBA, Direct Shops)
  • Other Data Companies Looking to Append Their Data Sets
  • Military Defense, Municipals, Police, Private Investigators

Competitive Advantages

Dexivo's competitive advantage is the ability to provide faster, more comprehensive results than anyone else through:

  • API Service Architecture - Allows Data to be lmported on a Programmatic Basis into Clients' Side Applications
  • 245+ Million Unique Consumer Records
  • 215+ Million Consumer Credit Ratings
  • 410+ Taxonomies (Demographics) - Example: Age, Race, Gender, Lifestyle, lnterests
  • 35+ Financia! lmpact Taxonomies (Credit Rating, Home-Mortgage, Credit Cards, Net Worth, lnvestor, etc.)
  • Political Data that lncluded Donor Status to a Particular Party
  • High Ouality Verified Data that Boast:
  • 244M+ Emails with an 94% Accuracy
  • 185M+ Phone Number's with an 85%+
  • Advanced Audience ldentification Helps Marketers Expand Their Potential Audience on Paid Media Networks
  • Data Appending via API Restful API, JSON and XML - HTTP GET or POST Supported

Revenue Streams

  • Data Purchases Lists, Dats, Sets, etc.
  • Data Licensing Agreements Licensing, Rental Agreements
  • Professional Services Appending, Modeling, Power BI reporting

Anything is possible in data with the power of Dexivo.

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